Monday, November 06, 2006

4 star - Tea Station Green Tea

Boba Green Tea (less sugar)


jin said...

VERY interesting concept!
All the videos instead of writing.
*thumbs up*

I especially liked the face you made in a previous video after tasing the passion fruit tea! LOL!!!

henrychan888 said...

hi jin,

thanks!!! yeah, i don't write very well, so i guess i just wanted to give my first impressions...hehe... i hope my facial expression usually tells it all.

no shower family food blog said...

hi, thanks for commenting in our blog. =)

you have some cool videos! i can't believe boba milk tea costs that much in the States.

linked to you too in our blog. have a good day.

H. C. said...

I definitely agree on TeaStation having the best hands-down boba, but will disagree on the green tea (which often has too much jasmine -- something I don't care for to begin with.)

zhell1313 said...

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