Friday, December 01, 2006

4 stars - Fresh Rice Noodle Wraps


Kathy said...

Hey Henry!

You make me really miss the San Gabriel/Alhambra area - used to have family there until they decided to move up north. Do you speak Cantonese? Just curious, cause the way you pronounced "cheong funn" sounded more Cantonese-y than Mandarin-y, lol, if that makes sense!

PS. If you like avocado or durian smoothies, they do excellent ones at Mr.Baguette on Valley Blvd in Rosemead :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Oooh, looks yummy.

henrychan888 said...

hey kathy!! are you back from nY? Yeah, I'm cantonese. Funny thing is I'm getting better at it because I moved back to Alhambra 3 years ago.

What dialect do you speak?

I must go try the avocado smoothies! Hehe... my aunt just bought an avocado ranch.


yeah, it was kool seeing them make it. this has been a long time fav of mine at dim sum, but i always wondered how they made it. it's quite yummy!

Gidget said...

hi there! where is this place exactly? will be in cali for christmas and looking for more good places to eat :)

Kathy said...

Hey Henry!

I also speak Cantonese - though I probably should improve my Mandarin, it seems more useful in the business/food ordering world :)
Oooh, avocado ranch...I'm envious!

elmomonster said...

Wow! So that's how they do it! I loooooove these videos. Addicted to them I am!

henrychan888 said...

hi gidget,

here is their exact location:


also, here are more of their dishes.

When are you coming to LA? I usually go eat with many people on the You should join us!


hi Elmo,

Thanks for checking and supporting the videos!! It's a lot of fun doing it.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hey Henry,

Is this place inside the superstore or is it one of the smaller ones in the strip mall?

henrychan888 said...

hi W.C.,

This is the place that's inside the superstore.


Chubbypanda said...

Hey Henry!

I really love the concept behind this blog. Keep on rockin'.

- Chubbypanda

henrychan888 said...

Hi CP,

Thanks for your compliments! much appreciate. i enjoy doing this a lot.

I really enjoy reading your food stuff and your [crazies].